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HGTV series 'House Hunters' features couple searching for second home in Southwest Florida


3:33 PM, Jan. 15, 2011  


Realtor Victoria Yereance of AAIM Realty Group holds the numbers 1, 2 and 3 outside her Fort Myers office. HGTV has filmed the show “House Hunters” here in Fort Myers and has featured the homes that Yereance has shown. The numbers represent what house the buyer chooses at the end of the show. / Lindsay Terry/


Visit AAIM Realty’s website — — to find out when the Fort Myers episode of “House Hunters” will air this spring.

Southwest Florida real estate is hitting HGTV August 4!


Producers for "House Hunters" last month filmed an episode of the show in the area that is scheduled to air in coming months.

Each episode of "House Hunters" - which has more than 120 million worldwide viewers who tune in to the American and international editions of the show - follows homebuyers or families as they tour three properties with a real estate agent and work through their decision to buy.

The family featured in the upcoming episode said they received a lesson in perception on the Southwest Florida housing market as they worked with Victoria Yereance of AAIM Realty Group in Fort Myers in their search for property.

When Crystal Jozsa, 32, and her husband, Bradden, of Toledo, Ohio, decided to purchase a second home, they chose our area - where they traveled for their honeymoon several years ago - for the warm weather, the beaches and the low airfare from Detroit to Southwest Florida International Airport.

After years of not watching TV, the Jozsas - who have three children ranging in age from 2 to 12 - ordered cable two years ago. While on maternity leave with her youngest son, Jozsa, Crystal - a self-proclaimed "houseaholic" who visits open houses on a regular basis - became hooked on "House Hunters."


(Page 2 of 2)          Southwest Florida real estate is hitting HGTV July 28! 

After submitting a written application in July to appear on the show and two video applications - the first of which producers said was too somber, the second too over-the-top - representatives at Pie Town Productions in Los Angeles told the Jozsas they still liked their story. With a third, more down-to-earth video application, they were chosen.

Yereance, who watches the show, agreed to the filming and submitted her own applications. She said the episode should bring more exposure to Southwest Florida in highlighting properties available and the desirability of the area and its beaches.

"It does kind of put us on the map with respect to people who view the show and are great fans of it," Yereance said.

But when it comes to price points, the Jozsas said the reality of the market here wasn't exactly as they envisioned after hearing about the area's foreclosure market.

The couple initially told Yereance they were looking for a move-in-ready home with a pool on the beach for approximately $200,000.

"I thought there were going to be all these properties at awesome, awesome prices that were perfect and you could just walk in," Jozsa said of the Fort Myers market. "When it came down to it, some of them were not in the nicest neighborhoods."

Expectations such as the Jozsas' aren't uncommon in today's market, Yereance said.

"For the past two years, buyers have come down here with perceptions about what they can buy here for a certain price point," she said. "The perception that you can find a half-a-million-dollar house for $100,000 in great condition just does not apply."

The agent has worked to show out-of-town buyers great deals available in Southwest Florida and educates those whose expectations may be a bit too high.

"She listened to us," Jozsa said of working with Yereance. "When we started the process, I had a lot of different ideas, so she had to sort of tone me down - like, 'Hey, this is what we're really doing now. You have some great ideas but some of it's not realistic.'"

After they realized properties available in their price range weren't what they had imagined, the Jozsas became more flexible in their preferences, such as choosing a property near the beach rather than on it.

Four days of filming

Filming for "House Hunters" took place over the course of four days in Fort Myers. The locations of the two- and three-bedroom properties Yereance showed the family - and the home they ultimately purchased - can't be disclosed until the episode airs.

"House Hunters," which is in its 11th season and has filmed in Fort Myers previously, seems to resonate with people even more following the housing crash, said Talia Harari, a segment producer for Pie Town Productions.

"People are finding that if they wouldn't have been able to afford (homes) in the past, they can now," Harari said. "I think that's why it (the show) is still on and why people still watch it."

The Jozsas, who plan to vacation at their Fort Myers home a few times each year, will also share the space with friends and family who travel to Florida. After they carved down their list of must-haves, the family found a property in Fort Myers they were happy with for less than $200,000.

"It ultimately had everything we did want," Jozsa said of the house they purchased. "I think some things you think you want in the ideal world and in reality are two different things. We had to think about the big picture."






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