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Beachfront, riverfront, Bayfront, Gulf Access canal, restricted access, direct access, sailboat access, freshwater canal, lake front, basin view, intersecting canal view-whew! Whatever the choice (and budget), let my waterfront expertise guide you.   

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Beachfront-Gulf View - Typically the most expensive and coveted of the numerous water frontage options.  Lee County beachfront properties will be found on the barrier islands of Captiva & Sanibel Island and Estero Island a.k.a. Fort Myers Beach and Little Hickory Island, a.k.a. Bonita Springs.  There are affordable options where one can still be "Gulf Side" without being on the water and perhaps have a small view of The Gulf of Mexico and be within a two minute walk to the beach.

Bayfront - An affordable option for island living .  Although one is not on the "gulf side" of the street,  property options include condos, duplexes, cottages and single family homes and all within walking or bike riding distance to the beaches and most will have a dock and or boat lift. 

Riverfront - The Caloosahatchee River - 67 miles in length and running from the Alva Boat Lock just east of the town of Alva (NE Lee County) down to the SW corner of Fort Myers.  Grand plantation style homes to simple single family properties hug the shores of this river.   Cape Coral does have their share of riverfront properties, but more options will be found in Fort Myers.

The Imperial River - 9.3 miles meandering through the town of Bonita Springs and ultimately emptying into Estero Bay.  The Imperial River is not as wide or "grand" as the Caloosahatchee and offers far fewer property options.

The Estero River -  6.4 miles and also ending up in Estero Bay.  Great river for kayaking or canoeing.  

Saltwater/Gulf Access - One will find Gulf Access properties in Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Estero and most certainly, Cape Coral.   Cape Coral alone boasts approximately 140 miles of Saltwater/Gulf Access canals-the most saltwater canals in any community in the state of Florida.  Add in the Freshwater canals and The Cape has 400 miles of waterfront canals-more than Venice, Italy .   Value of waterfront canal properties are based on a few things:  type of water (salt or fresh), location, type of acces, size of the canal and waterview (basin, lake, intersecting canals).  Widths of canals range from 80ft across to 200 ft. across.  there are approximately 32 bridges-heights vary from 8ft to 11.75 feet-taken at mean tide.  The Cape bridge heights are very important, especially if you have a flybridge, fixed radar or antenna and of course, a sailboat.  The depths of the canals vary as well but according to the Habour Master, five feet is an average.  Deeper water/anchorage can certainly be found but in fewer areas of The Cape.  In addition to the bridges, there is one lock system in Cape Coral.  The Chiquita Boat Lock located in the SW Cape operates daily from 6am-10pm.

Types of access:

SAILBOAT or UNRESTRICTED - no *bridges, no locks and no power lines.  There are a very few properties with TRUE sailboat access if one has a sailboat with a mast height of more than 40ft.

DIRECT ACCESS - no *bridges or locks.

RESTRICTED ACCESS - one must go under a *bridge or through a lock system.

*Bridges referred to in this text are the small bridges within the City of Cape Coral only.

Freshwater- Residential Freshwater in SW Florida can mean anything from a canal in Cape Coral to lakefront property on a golf course to the stunning, luxury resort-style community of Miromar Lakes in South Fort Myers which features multiple large lakes.  In Cape Coral there are approximately 260 miles of freshwater canals, many of which lead to several lakes from a chain of canals in the North and South Cape.  Many boaters enjoy the ride on some of the larger chain of canals which can go for serveral miles.  Drop a fishing line into these freshwater canals and catch various freshwater species including Largemouth Bass and Sunfish.  Freshwater does flow into saltwater canals, however boats cannot, as access is blocked by weirs.    

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